[Part 1 – 3] How to Source the Ultimate Deal… (A Wall Street Pro’s 5 Best Experiences Over 17 Years)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — the best opportunities are those that are not widely marketed. In industry speak, if the deal has been “shopped around” a lot, it’s a dud. No one wants to see it. … Read More

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7 Crucial Metrics to Include in Your Deal (…read this before submitting your next deal for review)

Let’s face it, every piece of communication to a buyer or funding source is an opportunity for you to look smart or look stupid. In case it was a question, you want to look smart. The person you’re sending a … Read More

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[DOWNLOAD] How To Commit Mortgage Fraud

Markets go up, and markets go down. People love buying when the price of anything is going up. Whether it’s concert tickets on StubHub, or shares of Apple stock, people think they are missing the boat. So they bid up. … Read More

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#Brexit: Why did it happen? How will it affect you?

Standing in line, marking time Waiting for the welfare dime ‘Cause they can’t buy a job The man in the silk suit hurries by As he catches the poor old lady’s eyes Just for fun he says, “Get a job.” … Read More

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How to Manage Your Deal Business in Only 60 Minutes a Day

The most difficult part of managing any business is how one manages their time. People love structure. If you’ve had a job for 20 years, and then you’re on your own you don’t have any structure. You miss it. There’s nothing … Read More

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How To Launder Money in Real Estate

Warning: if you’re intending to read this post in full, you’re going to want to get comfortable — 4,000 words worth of comfortable. Let’s get started. When you think of money laundering, what do you immediately think of? Pictures of … Read More

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The Nuts and Bolts of Raising Capital: 4 Types of Real Estate Funds

If you do not understand the essential principles of what a real estate fund is or why you need to grow into your position as a fund manager, you will need a refresher course. This is done so that when … Read More

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How To Start Your Own Bank

If you really want to hit it big in real estate, you need to be able to raise capital. If you’re going to attempt to depend on banks, you will die of destitution and your heirs will hate you. If you … Read More

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Commercial Real Estate Higher Learning: The Waterfall – Preferred Equity

Welcome back! In today’s 3rd — and final — installment of this mini-series within our Five Minute Fundamental series, I’ll be talking about the top of the capital stack… Preferred Equity Not all equity is the same and I’m sharing the … Read More

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[DOWNLOAD] How To Use The Most Important Commercial Mortgage Metric You’ve Never Heard Of (…and 23 more formulas you should be using)

What metrics go into evaluating and rating the attractiveness of a commercial mortgage? Loan-to-Value (LTV) and Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) are the first two that come to everyone’s mind and they are great. I use them everyday. But they … Read More

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