Episode 23: No Money Down Self Storage Deal Structuring

Many niches within commercial real estate are heavily oversaturated: self-storage isn’t one. Self-storage deals, although slightly less glamorous than multi-family, pose a fantastic opportunity for wealth generation. And the best part? They’re easy to add value to.

In this episode, we’re going to go over a self-storage case study: a success story from one of our prized intermediaries. You’re going to learn about the “equity to debt” conversion and what it means in the realm of deal structuring, and you’re going to see where these deals fit into the “four food groups” of commercial transactions. Read More

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Episode 22: Where to Find Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in the Trump Administration Era

As you very well know, we have a new president in office, and one who has already started implementing his many campaign promises. A president who made his fortune investing in (that’s right — you guessed it) commercial real estate transactions.

Wealth creation opportunities are going to increase in an unprecedented way during these next few years with the Trump administration. Already we’re witnessing a greater emphasis on pro-business and pro-banking attitudes, which just goes to show that there’s never been a better time to wedge yourself into the commercial real estate market than right now.

In this episode, Sal will discuss his predictions for where all the best commercial opportunities will arise during these next four years. You’re going to know which markets people will be flocking to and which they’ll be avoiding. What’s more: you’ll be able to squeeze yourself into the best niches before the rest of the country even knows what hit them. Read More

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Episode 21: 5 Ways The Commercial Real Estate Landscape Will Shift in 2017

A new real estate market is emerging with the onset of the Trump administration — and it’s bringing with it an entirely fresh set of commercial investment opportunities. In this episode of The Commercial Investor, Sal and AJ draw upon economic research and previous experience to give their 5 big predictions for what’ll happen in the markets during 2017.

Will Americans be more financially conservative? Will distressed assets make a comeback? What will be the effect of minimum wage increases across the nation? What does this mean for your retirement savings and pension? Can you depend on President Trump’s economic promises to carry you through this next year?

Listen to this episode of The Commercial Investor to find out! Read More

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Episode 20: How to Raise Your First $100k in Private Funds in 30 Days [Part 2]

There’s never been a more opportune time to invest in commercial real estate deals, but that task can seem incredibly daunting without friends, family, and large amounts of capital backing you and your deals.

The #1 trick to becoming a profitable and successful investor is to look at the world as if you needed to raise $100,000 in 30 days; this episode of The Commercial Investor will show you how to raise more than that, and it’ll reveal how you can present yourself as a confident and experienced commercial investor while doing so.
Read More

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Episode 19: The 8 Biggest Mistake New Investors Make Raising Private Capital [Part 1]

Many of you loyal listeners have written in to ask Sal and AJ one very important question:

What, exactly, do I SAY to investors?

This is a great question the guys are tackling head-on in this episode of the Commercial Investor Podcast. Sal and AJ dig into everything, from why you should create a “swipe file” with key learnings from the podcast, to customizing your pitchbook (and where to get a FREE pitchbook), to what private investorsreallywant to hear from you. The best part? It’s simple.

This episode couldn’t come at a better time. We were at a market top, and between cap rate compression and President-elect Trump taking office, there are endless opportunities for smart, savvy investors—the kinds of commercial investors who listen to this podcast.

Sal and AJ will share their own first-hand experiences and help listeners navigate the world of private investors versus big, bad banks. They’ll also unpack the biggest mistakes commercial investors make, so you can dodge the bullets that sideline way too many high-potential newcomers. Don’t be one of those investors—listen in, get the edge and raise some serious capital right now. Read More

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