Episode 36: Self-Storage Hacks with Ken Nitzberg (Part 1)

Investors all across the country are looking to get into self-storage deals, but there’s just one problem: No one has any idea what they’re doing.

There are a few questions that need asking before you decide to jump head-first into this sub-asset class. For one, how are you going to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity apparent within self-storage deals right now? What tricks do YOU know that are going to set you far, far ahead of your competition?

Kenneth Nitzberg, chairman and chief executive officer of Devon Self Storage, gives us the lowdown on why self-storage deals are some of the best opportunities in real estate right now. He’s got all the insider secrets surrounding this niche — or self-storage “hacks,” if you will — that’ll give a special edge to anyone considering investing in these types of real estate deals. Read More

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Episode 35: The Brutal Truth About Multifamily Featuring Augustus Moy

Multifamily — one of the most popular asset classes of today. You’ve heard all the reasons why it’s the safest, easiest asset to get involved with, especially if you’re a newer investor.

Special guest Augustus Moy gives you all the reasons why it’s not. Oh, and he also talks about how to make BIG yields in real estate and which trends are currently running in our favor (hint hint…).

Listen now to hear a conversation spoken by the professionals — and learn the terms and lingo you need to know to position yourself as a serious real estate investor in this market. Read More

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Episode 34: Commercial Land Development: The Insider’s Scoop featuring Charlie Tiano

Imagine you’ve bought a piece of land. It’s yours: dirt, minerals, soil and all. There for you to do whatever you want with it.

Or is it?

You’re going to get the insider’s scoop on land development and what it REALLY means to buy a chunk of dirt. What are the uses? What sort of regulations are already in place for land developers? Can the government ever take your land away?

Take a listen to find out. Read More

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Episode 33: The State of the Markets With Acclaimed Investor and Renowned Economist Axel Merk

How are you going to protect your retirement “nest egg” and make sound investment decisions when the markets today are all over the place?

Our answer: By knowing where they’re headed. Anyone with a trained eye can see where the key investment opportunities of today are, and it doesn’t take an elite economist like Axel Merk to know that historically, all markets follow trends. (Although having an economist like Merk tell you what these trends are CAN be helpful…)

Merk is the president and chief investment officer of Merk Investments, as well as the author of Sustainable Wealth. He’s got a lot of experience under his belt, and in this episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast you’re going to hear his ideas for where to invest your time and money to build wealth that’ll sustain you for a lifetime. Read More

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Episode 32: The Commercial Real Estate Networking Lowdown

It’s a well-known fact that commercial real estate is a relationship business, and your success as an investor will depend directly on how wide and deep your professional network is.

How can you expect to find great opportunities and source high-quality deal flow when no one in your network has access to these kinds of deals? And how are you going to relate to sophisticated investors if you can’t speak their language?

In this episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast, Sal and associate Riley talk about networking in commercial real estate and how to build a bursting network of sophisticated investors without having to wade through all the phonies. Finding irresistible investment opportunities is easy, so long as you know the right people to source them from. Read More

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