Episode 30: The Real Estate Investing Bloodbath

If you’re investing in real estate right now, you’re leaping into a bloodbath filled with hordes of hungry, rabid, emotionally-driven investors.

That’s right — it may not seem like it now, but tensions are growing in real estate. Reality TV has completely skewed the housing market. People are basing their investment decisions purely on emotion. The voice of everyone’s greed glands is drowning out their sense of logic.

In short, it’s going to be difficult to keep yourself away from the current chaos of real estate investments.

So if now isn’t the time to invest, when is? And what should we — the reasonable, dispassionate investors who aren’t driven entirely by emotion — be doing in the meantime?

Tune into this episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast to hear Sal’s suggestions for swimming above the muck in the markets right now, and learn what you can do to build your commercial real estate repertoire despite the unavoidable real estate craze buzzing all around. Read More

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Episode 29: Attending Conferences: How To Wear The Right Clothes To The Party

Would you wear jeans to a wedding? Or a tuxedo to a pool party in Miami?

Attending conferences is exactly the same: If you want to appear credible, you need to wear the right clothes to the party — literally and figuratively.

That means if you’re wearing flip-flops and trying to talk to investors about capital raising, you’re not going to be taken seriously. If you’re trying to network with people and don’t know the right questions to ask (such as “Where do you like to be in the capital structure?”) you aren’t going to get anywhere…

So what questions do you ask then? How should you present yourself at conferences to appear credible in front of the “big boys and girls”? And what shouldn’t you do?

This episode dives into all of these: How to present yourself if you want to be taken seriously, the questions to ask that’ll leave a lasting impression on your contacts, and the most effective means of networking with serious investors. Read More

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Episode 28: The Best Way To Approach The “Loan Guys”—As Told By An Actual Loan Guy

Peter, the first ever analyst to work with Sal’s Dandrew Partners investment firm, is currently managing a $50 billion portfolio for a major life insurance company at the tender age of 31. He’s a “loan guy,” and he’s filled with all sorts of insider secrets on what the best way to approach the “loan guys” are — along with what exactly it is they’re looking for.

A very special guest on this episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast, Peter is going to give you his “7 Commandments to Hitting it Off With the Loan Guys.” This is Peter’s completely consolidated list of everything that people in his position — men and women managing loans on huge commercial real estate properties and overseeing major portfolios — look for in investors. You’re going to learn how you should approach your transaction if you want to be taken seriously, and what you need to do to maintain or build your credibility..

What’s more, you’re going to hear about the general market sentiment as it relates to interest rates, erosion in equity, and the current loan portfolio. There’s little room for error in the high-dollar business of commercial real estate, and qualifying for loans to do your deals is going be vital to your success.

Take a listen now to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed when it comes to commercial real estate transactions. Read More

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Episode 27: The Future of Commercial REO Assets

You may be wondering what’s happening in the market these days. Are interest rates really rising? What effect are these having on REITs and publicly traded asset classes? What’s happening with the cap rates? Which commercial investment opportunities are the safest and most profitable right now?

Sal, AJ, and special guest Riley Nelson are going to answer all these questions in this episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast. You’re going to hear what’s really happening in the markets today: which asset classes are over-leveraged, where the most lucrative deal opportunities are, what’s actually happening with the interest rates, and much, much more.

Even more importantly, you’re going to understand why commercial real estate investors are so nervous right now. And you’re going to see why you should be too. Read More

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Episode 26: Former NBA Star Gets Smart in Commercial Real Estate

This is the story of Les Jepsen, the former NBA star who decided to get smart in commercial real estate. Many years ago, during a chance encounter with The Commercial Investor’s founder Sal Buscemi, Les found the inspiration to pursue a life in real estate. He’s found incredible success in the years since then and remains a loyal Commercial Investor supporter to this day.

Now you’re going to hear his story: How he used what he learned from Sal to increase his credibility, work with family offices, and build a life and future as a commercial real estate dealmaker — all during his NBA retirement. Les’ advice to everyone listening: You don’t have to do a $100 MM deal. Just get started.

It really is that simple. So, take a listen, make a choice, and get started in the prosperous world of commercial real estate investing today. Read More

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