Episode 45: International Money: The Global Agriculture Twist

Remember when the federal government came out and said that ‘CRE investors may ONLY invest within 50 miles of their home?’

We don’t either. That’s because it never happened! No government authority in American history has EVER said you have to limit your investments to just where you live.

So what does that mean for you? It means your investment opportunities extend far and wide — much farther than you might realize. When it comes to commercial real estate, the world is, quite literally, your oyster.

One particular institutional investor figured this out a while ago, and today spends his time searching out prime agricultural investment opportunities all around the globe. Take a listen here to learn what his tips are for becoming an ultra-successful global agriculture investor! Read More

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Episode 44: Commercial Real Estate Exposed: Why The Best Deals Aren’t Widely Shopped (with Jeff Knyal )

As it turns out, capital raising really isn’t that hard.

We’ve said it again and again: The wider an investment opportunity is made available, the less worthwhile it becomes.

This explains why deals on Shark Tank and Craigslist aren’t the ones you want to be getting into. Those, along with multifamily properties trading at a 4-cap. But if you shouldn’t be investing in widely-shopped deals, then where should you be investing your time and money?

One word: Niches. Jeff Knyal knows all about specialized commercial real estate niches… in fact, he’s a cell phone tower, wind turbine, billboard easement extraordinaire. Jeff built his company Landmark Dividends from the ground up… and he’s saved big companies like AT&T hundreds of millions of dollars with specialized programs he’s developed along the way.

There are more ways to participate in real estate than just doing deals in multifamily… and there are far, far better ways to generate capital and build a name for yourself in the industry. Take a listen to Jeff’s story to learn how you can take advantage of specialized, lesser-known, immensely profitable commercial real estate niches you likely haven’t considered before. Read More

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Episode 43: Getting Started: A Story by Ken Davenport (Part 2)

As it turns out, capital raising really isn’t that hard.

No, that isn’t a joke. If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know that selling someone on a product is as easy as A+B+C: get the process down and you’re golden. According to Ken Davenport, capital raising is exactly the same. Learn the steps and you’ll know how to succeed with flying colors… every single time.

So what are the steps for persuading someone to invest their capital with you? Well, Ken has a few pointers he’s learned during his distinguished career as a Broadway producer and capital raiser. If you have questions about any aspect of capital raising — approaching investors, asking the right questions, building meaningful connections with leads and clients — Ken has answers.

Tune in now to learn how Ken’s experience as a Broadway capital raiser can accelerate your success in venture capital, real estate, or just about any industry you’re looking to raise money in. Read More

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Episode 42: Getting Started: A Story by Ken Davenport (Part 1)

Q: What’s the fastest way to rise to the top of any industry?

A: By just getting started…

Tony Award winner Ken Davenport started where most successful people do: at the very bottom. But unlike most people first getting started in their field, Ken placed himself there intentionally.

Now, the same man who ran around behind stage delivering coffee and steaks to affluent actors has also raised $20MM for a Broadway show, received three Tony Award nominations, produced more than 15 successful Broadway productions, and introduced capital raising via crowdfunding to the Broadway universe.

Ken’s universal advice for success permeates through every industry: Just get started. In this exclusive episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast, you’re going to learn why starting from the bottom is so essential.

And, even better… you’re going to hear from Ken himself all about how the most important thing you can do for yourself today is to just get started. Read More

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Episode 41: The Positivity Blend: Harry Edelson’s Recipe for a Happy Life

We’re taking a break from all this real estate talk to bring you the following podcast: Everything You Need to Know to Live a Happy and Successful Life (and be a happy and successful commercial investor!).

Harry Edelson grew up in the poorest part of Brooklyn, with an ill mother and an absent father. But that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most successful venture capitalists in New York. At the wise old age of 80, he’s invested in 11 unicorns, learned to read 4,000 words per minute and, at one point, was covering 100 companies on Wall Street (today it’s usually 10 at most…). But the best part? He’s managed to stay happy, positive, and worry-free the entire time.

If you want your life to be free of worries and filled with productivity and success, take a listen to Harry Edelson’s tips for a well-lived life. Or — better yet — join The Commercial Investor team this summer for our required reading: Positivity: How to be Healthier, Happier, Smarter, and More Prosperous by Harry Edelson. Read More

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