Episode 33: The State of the Markets With Acclaimed Investor and Renowned Economist Axel Merk

How are you going to protect your retirement “nest egg” and make sound investment decisions when the markets today are all over the place?

Our answer: By knowing where they’re headed. Anyone with a trained eye can see where the key investment opportunities of today are, and it doesn’t take an elite economist like Axel Merk to know that historically, all markets follow trends. (Although having an economist like Merk tell you what these trends are CAN be helpful…)

Merk is the president and chief investment officer of Merk Investments, as well as the author of Sustainable Wealth. He’s got a lot of experience under his belt, and in this episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast you’re going to hear his ideas for where to invest your time and money to build wealth that’ll sustain you for a lifetime. Read More

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Episode 32: The Commercial Real Estate Networking Lowdown

It’s a well-known fact that commercial real estate is a relationship business, and your success as an investor will depend directly on how wide and deep your professional network is.

How can you expect to find great opportunities and source high-quality deal flow when no one in your network has access to these kinds of deals? And how are you going to relate to sophisticated investors if you can’t speak their language?

In this episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast, Sal and associate Riley talk about networking in commercial real estate and how to build a bursting network of sophisticated investors without having to wade through all the phonies. Finding irresistible investment opportunities is easy, so long as you know the right people to source them from. Read More

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Special Edition: State of The Election Address: Trump’s First 100 Days in Office

While Trump’s first 100 days in office have indeed been controversial, it’s undeniable that he’s altered the world of business and commercial real estate investments in a major way.

But for better or worse?

Your pal Sal is going to go through Trump’s first 100 days in office and discuss what’s changed, what hasn’t, and what we can expect to change in these coming months and years.

You’re going to hear about the world of politics and how slight changes in international relations can alter investment opportunities for Americans everywhere.

And you’ll hear it from Sal himself: Why commercial real estate will be the only constant we can rely upon during these next four years (and probably even longer than that) … Read More

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Episode 31: The Commercial Real Estate Open Mic Session

In this special episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast, Sal and associate Riley will go through a deal sourced directly from Loopnet. Then Sal will answer commercial real estate questions from a live audience…

Questions like…

When you’re raising money, where does that money go?
How does one buy a commercial property from a realtor on a master lease option?
Is there a way to invest in a triple net property as part of a group, so that one doesn’t have to do as much of their own research?
And more! Read More

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Episode 30: The Real Estate Investing Bloodbath

If you’re investing in real estate right now, you’re leaping into a bloodbath filled with hordes of hungry, rabid, emotionally-driven investors.

That’s right — it may not seem like it now, but tensions are growing in real estate. Reality TV has completely skewed the housing market. People are basing their investment decisions purely on emotion. The voice of everyone’s greed glands is drowning out their sense of logic.

In short, it’s going to be difficult to keep yourself away from the current chaos of real estate investments.

So if now isn’t the time to invest, when is? And what should we — the reasonable, dispassionate investors who aren’t driven entirely by emotion — be doing in the meantime?

Tune into this episode of The Commercial Investor Podcast to hear Sal’s suggestions for swimming above the muck in the markets right now, and learn what you can do to build your commercial real estate repertoire despite the unavoidable real estate craze buzzing all around. Read More

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