About Us

TheCommercialInvestor is the mentoring division of Dandrew Partners, which specializes in insightful bridge financing and other capital in commercial real estate.

Like Dandrew Partners, the mentoring division was founded by ex-Goldman Sachs investment bankers to train experienced and beginning entrepreneurs in opportunistic real estate investing and, when they choose, to act as intermediaries who bring us qualified deals that we may choose to invest in.

The founding team leverages their earlier careers on Wall Street in real estate investment banking. The principals have 30+ years of collective experience building relationships with institutional investors and high-net-worth investors nationwide.

As leading investment bankers and traders, we have access to large institutional investors and are always looking for opportunistic deals in commercial real estate to present to them. Due to our track record of consistently returning high ROI to our investors, there is, practically speaking, no limit to the amount of investment money that is available to us.


Growing our investment business by training intermediaries
You can be one of them!

We train entrepreneurs who simply want to learn the Wall Street way of investing in real estate and work on their own. But we realize that we can do more deals if we can train entrepreneurs to find deals in their local markets, qualify them, and bring them to us. We call them our intermediaries.

And you can be one of them!

Benefits of being a Matchmaker.
You can earn cash at closing, plus residual passive cash flow.

You’ll have the opportunity to become a silent partner on deals we find You can enjoy the benefits of ownership without common burdens. You can do more deals simultaneously (leverage).

When you learn our approach, you can face little or no risk.

A different world from the gurus who sell a lot of hype.
We are proven real estate investment professionals with the finest credentials in real estate investment.

While most gurus pitch a lavishly successful lifestyle, substantiated by visions of grandeur, our students have learned their claims are mostly hype.

Instead, we teach our students to develop and value their intellectual capital, the asset that is most needed for success in today’s world.

We also teach you how to present yourself in a way that commands respect. For example, you’ll learn to describe yourself as a capital provider or fund manager. The effect is entirely different from describing yourself as a real estate investor.

We also don’t believe you should close your eyes, hold your nose and jump into the deep end of the pool by risking your own cash, credit or piece of mind by becoming a landlord, whether it’s a single-family residential home or a multi-family apartment building. Do bankers do that? You don’t have to, either.

Teaching the closely guarded Wall Street secrets of raising money and structuring deals.
The secrets we teach are used every day in the top Wall Street investment banks. They’re not widely known. Yet they’re the secret to becoming a high earner.

Unless you went to a top school and have an MBA, you can find it hard to get into the kind of Wall Street firm where you can learn what we teach.

We make this invaluable knowledge available to all our students.

For people who are new to the business or want to learn the Wall Street way.
We created our learning products for people who want to learn the real estate investment business because they’re new to it or because they’re seasoned investors who want to learn the Wall Street way of deal-making.

You can also be an investor who has been locked out of the real estate market because banks are not lending anymore or investors who are looking to start their own funds and syndications.

The premier exciting training program that creates astute and dedicated intermediaries.
Our training program has helped us create a highly loyal and successful group of intermediaries. They’ve discovered that the more they learn from us, the better they do. We think you will, too.