The Match is Lit: All Signs Point To A Market Top

This is about as good as it gets for commercial. If you’re new to this blog, you’re probably expecting some sort of cheerleading saying why commercial is the best asset class to own now, similar to like that of the … Read More

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The Ultimate Guide to Stabilized Commercial Real Estate Transactions

So you’re interested in finding, acquiring, controlling, and financing stabilized commercial assets? I don’t blame you. Stabilized properties are the safest and most sought after, in-demand commercial assets in any market. No matter how big or small. Well, you’ve come … Read More

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[Case Study] How One Investor Successfully Structured His Commercial Development Deal: Making $150,000 with $0 Down

We LOVE talking about the benefits of finding and funding commercial deals, and you know (as well as we do) that we LOVE bragging about our students’ success stories. Recently we had a great opportunity to do both—and we took … Read More

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4 Private Money Fund Manager Strategies for Starting a New Fund

Last week we talked about 5 Core Functions of a Private Money Fund Manager. If you haven’t read it, go do so now. You’ll need to know what a PMFM should be doing, before you know which strategies they should … Read More

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The 7 Most Commonly Used Fund Structures in Real Estate

real estate fund structure

At some point in a real estate investors’ career, they attract notoriety. And with that notoriety comes the ask… “How can I invest with you?” Today we’re breaking down the types of fund strategies that a real estate investor can … Read More

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Unintended Consequences: Cyberterrorism and Real Estate

The world just got notably more uncertain in the past 72-hours with the greatest cyber attack the world has ever seen. Any business operating on Microsoft Windows is now a target, and this has been the topic among the wealthiest … Read More

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The Definitive Guide to Commercial Real Estate Capital Raising

Let’s talk about goals. Your goal as an investor is to raise money thoughtfully, and consistently build a portfolio around many different types of deals and opportunities that exist. You’ll use this article and this one to guide you. Before … Read More

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Commercial Real Estate Higher Learning: How Does The Price You’re Paying Relate To The Value It Is Worth Today?

There’s a trend going on that you need to be aware of—people are overpaying for assets, while thinking they’re getting the best deal on the block. Spoiler alert: they’re not. So, in this 5 Minute Fundamental breakdown, we’ll talk about … Read More

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The Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Playlist

Last September, The Commercial Investor team made the move to invest our time and resources in launching a brand new channel to share the information that is crucial to succeeding in the commercial real estate market, yet so few know about. We’ve had … Read More

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10 Questions & Answers Critical to Real Estate Crowdfunding Success

What if you could know more about real estate crowdfunding than 90% of the investors jumping into the niche, all within the timespan it takes to read a single blog post? Well, kids, if you pay attention closely to what I’m … Read More

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The Definitive Guide to Commercial Real Estate Capital Raising