5 Controversial Reasons Why People Want to Invest In Your Real Estate Deals (….But have absolutely no idea what you’ll hit them with!)

Generally speaking, no one asks for marriage on the first date. …And if they do, they’re either incredibly ballsy or incredibly clueless. Much is the same with raising capital among retail investors. You need to spend the time to court them. … Read More

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[DOWNLOAD] The Cynics Guide to Crowdfunding

Real estate is perhaps one of the greatest wealth creation tools. You don’t need a fancy degree and you can participate in several different ways. With the advent of crowdfunded real estate, never before has it been easier to invest … Read More

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6 Key Questions Every Seller of Bulk Assets Must be Able to Answer to Save Time and Ensure a Quick Close

I’ll open this post with a warning… Dealing with people who represent themselves as sellers and aren’t actually the owners of bulk REO (“Real Estate Owned”) and non-performing loan assets will waste your precious time and will only discourage you … Read More

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[DOWNLOAD] Deal Triage: How to Pre-Qualify Any Commercial Deal in 90 Seconds or Less

Pre-Qualify Commercial Deal

So… would you like to know how you can evaluate any commercial property on the fly in a flash? You got it. Actually… you really don’t have a choice. As I’ve been saying since 2011, there is a coming tidal … Read More

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23 Ways to Identify Qualifying Buyers (… And How to Build a Commercial Buyers List)

Networks aren’t free. Ask anyone who pays $20,000 a year for a country club membership, or $50,000 a month for a summer share in the Hamptons. Or the person who graduated from HBS (Harvard Business School) or Wharton. They all … Read More

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How Much Is Donald Trump Really Worth?

Before we start, I want to say the intent and purpose for this article is to make an apolitical point about the financial illiteracy of Americans in general. And today Donald J. Trump is in the spotlight as a candidate … Read More

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The 5 Big Reasons Why Savers Will Soon Hate The Money Management Industry

Stock market investing is for those who cannot create wealth. Which, unfortunately, includes most Americans. About a year ago, my brother unexpectedly passed away at the age of 37. What happens next is the almost year-long account of getting his … Read More

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9 Deal Sourcing Secrets for a Solid Deal Flow

deal sourcing secrets

This is a question I’ve gotten more times than I can count in my career… “Sal, how do I actually source deal flow?” How do you make a plan for it? Where does it come from? For those aspiring Real … Read More

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Total Commercial Real Estate Strategy

Ever wonder why Wall Street makes money in both up markets and down markets? It’s because they use a model that can create wealth for its investors, day in and day out. This is the Total Commercial Real Estate Strategy … Read More

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[DOWNLOAD] 8 Best Commercial Real Estate Assets to Assume (…and the 9 worst!)

For the emerging commercial real estate investor, financing is the barrier to entry in this high-dollar industry. Banks have gotten tighter, their underwriting is tougher, and to many who don’t have the 30% hard cash equity and pristine credit (sound … Read More

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