[Part 1 – 3] How to Source the Ultimate Deal… (A Wall Street Pro’s 5 Best Experiences Over 17 Years)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — the best opportunities are those that are not widely marketed. In industry speak, if the deal has been “shopped around” a lot, it’s a dud. No one wants to see it. … Read More

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7 Crucial Metrics to Include in Your Deal (…read this before submitting your next deal for review)

Let’s face it, every piece of communication to a buyer or funding source is an opportunity for you to look smart or look stupid. In case it was a question, you want to look smart. The person you’re sending a … Read More

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[DOWNLOAD] Deal Triage: How to Pre-Qualify Any Commercial Deal in 90 Seconds or Less

Pre-Qualify Commercial Deal

So… would you like to know how you can evaluate any commercial property on the fly in a flash? You got it. Actually… you really don’t have a choice. As I’ve been saying since 2011, there is a coming tidal … Read More

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9 Deal Sourcing Secrets for a Solid Deal Flow

deal sourcing secrets

This is a question I’ve gotten more times than I can count in my career… “Sal, how do I actually source deal flow?” How do you make a plan for it? Where does it come from? For those aspiring Real … Read More

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Total Commercial Real Estate Strategy

Ever wonder why Wall Street makes money in both up markets and down markets? It’s because they use a model that can create wealth for its investors, day in and day out. This is the Total Commercial Real Estate Strategy … Read More

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