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Salvatore M. Buscemi
A former investment banker for Goldman Sachs in NYC, Sal is one of the nation’s leading authorities when it comes to investing in residential and commercial real estate. He’s raised over $50 Million in capital for his real estate hedge funds.
Salvatore M. Buscemi

About Salvatore M. Buscemi

A former investment banker for Goldman Sachs in NYC, Sal is one of the nation’s leading authorities when it comes to investing in residential and commercial real estate. He’s raised over $50 Million in capital for his real estate hedge funds.

Episode 19: The 8 Biggest Mistake New Investors Make Raising Private Capital [Part 1]

Many of you loyal listeners have written in to ask Sal and AJ one very important question:

What, exactly, do I SAY to investors?

This is a great question the guys are tackling head-on in this episode of the Commercial Investor Podcast. Sal and AJ dig into everything, from why you should create a “swipe file” with key learnings from the podcast, to customizing your pitchbook (and where to get a FREE pitchbook), to what private investorsreallywant to hear from you. The best part? It’s simple.

This episode couldn’t come at a better time. We were at a market top, and between cap rate compression and President-elect Trump taking office, there are endless opportunities for smart, savvy investors—the kinds of commercial investors who listen to this podcast.

Sal and AJ will share their own first-hand experiences and help listeners navigate the world of private investors versus big, bad banks. They’ll also unpack the biggest mistakes commercial investors make, so you can dodge the bullets that sideline way too many high-potential newcomers. Don’t be one of those investors—listen in, get the edge and raise some serious capital right now. Read More

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Episode 18: How to Balance Your Portfolio and Start Generating Wealth

If you’re like millions of Americans, you’re finally waking up and starting to take a good, hard look at your portfolio. And that means you’re realizing a few things—and, let’s be honest, none of them are particularly positive.

Yield is lacking big time and that, in a word, sucks. We’ve been promised the moon and the stars, but now have nothing to show for it. Rates have been as close to zero as possible for 15-plus years. It wrecked the baby boomers and is now trickling down to the next generation.

And that’s exactly where Sal’s friend, and special guest, Brendan McMahon finds himself—in a family fund set up by his parents that’s now run by a wealth manager with no alignment of interests.

Generating wealth looks a lot different than it did even a few years ago. And if you’re still chipping away, hoping to make money on the stock market, on precious metals or some other traditional wealth-driving strategy, Sal and AJ have some news for you: it ain’t gonna happen. Read More

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Episode 17: I Raised 19 Million… And Then I Gave It Back

Would you EVER give back $19 million that you’d raised? Take that in for a minute—you just raised $19 MILLION for a commercial real estate investment and, instead of charging forward you called the investors and gave the money right back.

Crazy, right?

Don’t scream YES so fast because, in this episode of the Commercial Investor Podcast, Sal and AJ walk listeners through their story…what they planned to do, how they raised the funds and why, at the end of the day, they gave it all back to investors. It’s a crazy story, but it’s not a crazy outcome—in fact, it’s what good hedge fund managers and investors should be doing.

This podcast is a must-listen no matter where you are in your real estate investing career. You’re dealing with other people’s money and other people’s financial future. And that’s not something you should take lightly. The guys certainly don’t. Read More

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Episode 16: Crank Up Your Deal Flow: Analyzing Deals in 90 Seconds or Less

With 2016 behind us and, already, some serious distress going into the new year, people are going to be running around like madmen looking to make a deal. And that’s why, now more than ever, YOU need to be cynical at best and paranoid at worst—something Sal and AJ know NOTHING about (wink, wink…).

And that’s exactly where this episode picks up—with the art and science of deal triage. By taking a “triage” approach to deal analysis, you can quickly and effectively suss out and, even, resuscitate the best opportunities before they die on the table. And the bad ones? You’ll be able to sniff them out a mile away and move on without emotion—exactly the way it should be.

There are plenty of deals in this new economy. Your job? Be the matchmaker. You’ll only lose money in commercial real estate investing if you don’t get it. And you, wise investor, clearly get it—you’re listening to this podcast after all. Read More

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Episode 15: Pre-Qualification vs. Due Diligence: A Timeline

The next few months are going to be epic on the commercial investing front.

No doubt, you’re going to see people running red lights to get to closing. Why? Because we’re at the very top of the market. This, really, is as good as it gets. And with President-elect Trump ready to take office in January, investors are sitting on their hands waiting to see what the not-too-distant future holds.

But, if Sal and AJ could call it right now, they’re calling it in favor of all those investors who are hungry and on the hunt—this is going to be their time.

Your job, then, is to start sharpening that axe. If you have an hour to chop down a tree, you’d better spend five making sure your axe is ready for that first swing.

And that’s exactly what this episode dives into—getting your interests and opportunities in order, and understanding the five data points that are critical to every single deal, every single time. You want to be able to assess every deal like a jealous ex-lover, turning over every rock and looking at everything with a total lack of passion. Remember, you’re dealing with people’s life savings, and that’s an enormous responsibility. Read More

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