Episode 48: The 9 Mistakes Every New Commercial Real Estate Investor Makes

As it turns out, there’s a theme to the decisions all newbie real estate investors make.

They switch over from residential and most jump into the most familiar asset class they can find: multifamily. They’re doctors, dentists, lawyers — all here to invest their capital into an industry they know nothing about.

The good news is that you don’t have to follow this pattern. Sure, you may make a few mistakes when getting started in commercial real estate; everyone does. But you don’t have to sacrifice your life savings or retirement “nest egg” by making the really big, really avoidable ones.

Tune in now to hear The 9 Mistake Every Newbie Real Estate Investor Makes… and jump ahead of the competition by learning beforehand how you can avoid every single one. Read More

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Episode 47: Sal’s 5 Tips For Raising Real Estate Capital

As obvious as it may seem, successful capital raising happens BEFORE you ever sit your investors down to ask the big ‘money’ question.

And take it from us… you don’t want to be acting like a dog in heat when that time comes around. So why not try the “conversational equity” approach to raising private real estate capital?

This approach is really simple. It centers around building “implicit trust” with friends, colleagues, and potential investors. That way when it comes time to fund your real estate deals, the money is already there, ready for you to access on-demand. You just have to worry about bringing the deals in…

But just like dating, there’s an order to it. You wouldn’t ask someone to sign a prenuptial agreement before the first date, would you? Then don’t do it in real estate!

Tune in now to hear Sal’s 5 Tips for successfully raising real estate capital… and start raising on-demand capital to fund all of your real estate deals and opportunities. Read More

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Episode 46: Real Estate Rendezvous with Augustus Moy

CNN and Fox News will tell you the world’s falling to pieces — and, in some circles, they’ll believe it.

But not us.

Anyone who’s dived into the world of commercial real estate investing knows that there’s great power in long-term thinking. Power in your investment, power in that long-term wealth generation, and power in the continued support you provide for yourself and your family.

After all… what’s the point in feeling helpless or powerless when the world really isn’t going to end tomorrow? (Hint: there is none!)

Back on The Commercial Investor Podcast by popular demand is experienced New York operator Augustus Moy — here to give us the play-by-play on today’s real estate market.

Augustus and Sal talk about the recent natural disasters, the not-so-static hotel industry, and more, tackling big questions like…

…How much of a market disrupter is Airbnb really?

…What are the pros/cons of investing in commercial real estate purely as an asset class?

…Hard asset investments and natural disasters — are they still worth it?

You can watch all the dismal newscasts you want, but unless you’ve already put the time in and are milking those cash-flowing CRE properties, it probably isn’t going to pay off…

So press “play” now to tune in to the conversation… and see why it pays to live like the world isn’t going to end tomorrow! Read More

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Episode 45: International Money: The Global Agriculture Twist

Remember when the federal government came out and said that ‘CRE investors may ONLY invest within 50 miles of their home?’

We don’t either. That’s because it never happened! No government authority in American history has EVER said you have to limit your investments to just where you live.

So what does that mean for you? It means your investment opportunities extend far and wide — much farther than you might realize. When it comes to commercial real estate, the world is, quite literally, your oyster.

One particular institutional investor figured this out a while ago, and today spends his time searching out prime agricultural investment opportunities all around the globe. Take a listen here to learn what his tips are for becoming an ultra-successful global agriculture investor! Read More

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Episode 44: Commercial Real Estate Exposed: Why The Best Deals Aren’t Widely Shopped (with Jeff Knyal )

As it turns out, capital raising really isn’t that hard.

We’ve said it again and again: The wider an investment opportunity is made available, the less worthwhile it becomes.

This explains why deals on Shark Tank and Craigslist aren’t the ones you want to be getting into. Those, along with multifamily properties trading at a 4-cap. But if you shouldn’t be investing in widely-shopped deals, then where should you be investing your time and money?

One word: Niches. Jeff Knyal knows all about specialized commercial real estate niches… in fact, he’s a cell phone tower, wind turbine, billboard easement extraordinaire. Jeff built his company Landmark Dividends from the ground up… and he’s saved big companies like AT&T hundreds of millions of dollars with specialized programs he’s developed along the way.

There are more ways to participate in real estate than just doing deals in multifamily… and there are far, far better ways to generate capital and build a name for yourself in the industry. Take a listen to Jeff’s story to learn how you can take advantage of specialized, lesser-known, immensely profitable commercial real estate niches you likely haven’t considered before. Read More

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