[ANNOUNCEMENT] The Commercial Investor Introduces ACPARE®, Leaves “The Business”

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Get ready, because I’m about to shake your day up!

The Commercial Investor team and I are changing the way we do business here. We’re no longer doing the same boring, predictable model like everyone else. And I have no intention of being like any other commercial real estate forum.


There is no alignment of interest between us and them.

We run our business a certain way. While most of the world looks to achieve goals, we are firm believers in systems. Systems put in place a structure that allows success to be replicated and goals to be met with certainty.

Systems drive success because they are structured to be successful.

This year, you may have noticed that we turned the battleship around to your benefit. This year we made it possible for you to benefit from our systems, getting as deep as you want to, without having to spend a lot of time or personal resources.

Let’s recap.

Foundational Content & Strategy

Combined with some short content-rich videos, called Five Minute Fundamentals, The Commercial Investor Blog has given you a strong understanding and curiosity as to how this business is so much easier than you originally thought it was.

The creative deal structuring piqued your interest.

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If you ever get lost, you can always get oriented as to how this sometimes, confusing and intimidating, business works and how you can participate in many different ways by going to our Start Here page.

Recently, you’ve been able to hear the tone and pick-up culture of what we do here by listening to our highly-rated The Commercial Investor Podcast.

We’ve been able to stay in touch with each other though The Commercial Investor Facebook Page.

And you’ll have an easier opportunity to see us with our upcoming Facebook Live segments. Keep on the lookout on our Facebook page for that.

You’ll really like how we do things here! 

Tools & Deal Support

This year we released The Investors Syndicate, which has the Commercial MBA premium content videos with corresponding blueprints to execute on later, and our Deal Clinic, where we break down real life deal submissions so that they are easy to understand and qualify.

This was designed to provide a deeper level of understanding for those who have been inspired by the blog and the podcast. Topics such as raising capital and crossing trades (or wholesaling commercial properties) are discussed at length in longer videos.

Each member now is equipped with a Membership Card and a Quick Start Owner’s Manual that is shipped to them when they sign up. I simply love it when members post pictures of their cards in the private Facebook group.

That’s where the real mind bending happens.

People leverage our newsletter as discussion points when facing off with prospective investors as they’re receiving our latest strategies for raising capital.

Then we released our black box digital asset aggregation system called FundingSoft. Launched in June 2016, this software allows you to run a virtual fund from your own home or office.

These users have access to over 500,000 private lenders and 5,000 real estate private equity funds—both updated monthly—with the ability to use pre-written pitch books for each asset class, and to establish their credibility as legitimate players in an industry that is often noisy with flakes and wannabes.

The CRM acts as a funnel where people who visit your site will be taken through a series of emails and private-labeled video campaigns indoctrinating them with content so they feel comfortable to invest with you in your deals.

The private labeled book we provide to you allows you to distinguish yourself as an author, which provides unparalleled credibility and prestige to your prospective investors.

Coming soon, all FundingSoft users will have access to our FundingSoft Execution Plans which will lay out how to use the software and CRM to…

  • Raise earnest money deposits for asset arbitrage deals…
  • Pitch their deals confidently…
  • How to syndicate debt to buy an asset…

This is the best in its class, we are already in talks about licensing to some larger institutions and hedge funds. I built this for myself, it cost me a fortune, and it works. Now, I’m allowing only those serious players and investors to use it.

The Commercial Apprenticeship: Hands On Transactional Mastery

We launched The Commercial Apprenticeship in response to our member’s desire to really understand the granularities of the business by applying it themselves.

Over a period of approximately 12 weeks, our apprentices learn everything they need to transact in each of the 3 strategies in commercial real estate:

  • Capital Placement
  • Capital Formation
  • Asset Arbitrage

The Commercial Apprenticeship is resource rich, the ratios are 3 apprentices to 1 Dandrew Analyst, and apprentices benefit from being totally immersed into a systemized structure of content and Execution Plans.

All apprentices are given access to Dandrew Analysts so they receive immediate deal-related support and coaching, purposely designed to be compressed over a reasonably shorter period of time so they can ROI their investment faster.

The Expert Network

Networks aren’t free.

It’s the reason why people fight to get into top schools and business programs—just so they may one day work at the top investment banks and hedge funds in the world. It’s why people spend $50,000 for a summer share in the Hamptons so they can rub elbows and drink martinis with the right people.

The Expert Network is our invitation-only look into the real people who drive this industry in the world of commercial finance.

They are hosted 4 times a year in NYC, LA, Miami and San Francisco. Members get to meet and network with some of the world’s most successful and accomplished:

  • wealth managers
  • hedge fund managers
  • private equity shops
  • family offices
  • endowments
  • asset managers

These speakers and guests are my personal friends who like to know what our members are seeing in the market and how they can invest alongside them in their deals.

But more importantly, it allows you to ROI faster by being totally immersed into a network of professional fund managers and investors.

While all of these assets have only increased our value and relationship with our customers and friends, we’ve still been missing something…

The Missing Piece

Something was missing in an industry that was becoming riskier due to the fact that several changes were happening in the market place and industry-wide:

Now anyone could get into deals for as little as $200 or $500.

To me, when you mix unsophisticated smaller investors—who may have a lot more to lose, comparatively speaking, to more sophisticated institutional investor or family office—with a novice operator, you get risk. Every successful investor knows it’s the operator’s experience that will turn a bad deal into a good deal.

However, this ease of access to funding has made it so that anyone regardless of experience could overpay for something using unsophisticated people’s money.

Persistently Low Interest Rates

Pragmatically speaking, immediately following the horrific events of September 11, 2001, interest rates have been close to zero.

This means that today, retirees and savers are getting a 0% return on their retirement savings. It also means they are being forced to take risk—whether in the stock market, where they have no control whatsoever or into commercial real estate deals, they don’t completely understand. Part of that hunt for a return will be in real estate assets..

More Intimate Money Management

Many savers today who have dutifully put money away in their defined contribution retirement plans, have finally figured out that they have never had an alignment of interest with the mutual fund salespeople who sold them high-fee investment products and myths.

For example, myths instructing them to keep their money in for the long term.

What’s changed is exactly what I mentioned above, that retirees have had enough with 0% return on their retirement savings. They’re looking for more intimate money management.

For example when Martha Stewart was convicted for insider trading in 2002, the stock of her company Martha Stewart Omnimedia dropped like a brick. If you were an investor, do you think if you tried calling Martha on the phone that she would answer your call?

dealmakers-tips-107-gOf course not. But my investors can call me anytime. Many sponsors make themselves available in private investment partnerships to their investors. It’s just good ethics.

It’s that intimacy, mixed with the alignment of interests between savers/investors and sponsors, that makes real estate attractive today. People want control. And in the stock market today, unless you’re someone like Carl Icahn, you have no control.


Which Brings In The Inexperienced, Unwashed Masses of Real Estate Investors.

My whole career is in distressed real estate. And where a deal goes bad, there are two things that are the culprit:

  • Fraud
  • Inexperience
  • Both

So my question was:

How could we teach our members to establish themselves as being the preeminent intermediaries, small balance fund managers and consultants in an industry that had a fragmented knowledge base desperately seeking an institutional pedigree?


ACPARE® is the culmination of 2 years of work and collaboration amongst…

  • Some of the industry’s largest best investment banks…
  • Hedge funds…
  • Real estate private equity funds…

… to create a world-class training and accreditation platform, modeled and structured similar to other financial service licensing and credentialing associations.

And I’m proud to say that The Association of Capital Placement Agents for Real Estate has just been launched.

The Accredited Placement Agent® or APA® designation will make a statement to the world that you are distinguished and tested.

unnamed-1Created under the standards of the American Council on Education and following on most investment banks training programs; this dense, yet robust program will bring a new dimension of credibility to the industry and more importantly to its members.

It will fill in the missing pieces when it comes to deal analysis, financing, due diligence, raising capital, and operations and management for each transactional type (stabilized, value added, and opportunistic) across the entire commercial real estate asset class, and not just multifamily….

In an industry inundated with mass market appeal and get-rich-quick schemes, ACPARE® will elevate its members to be able to build a sustainable business as a professional investor with deeper experienced-based training and tools to become competitive dealmakers.

Who is ACPARE® for?

Let’s start with the obvious here.

ACPARE® was designed for career investors and aspiring fund managers who are taking other people’s life savings into their hands, who have been trusted and don’t want to betray that trust.

So this includes real estate investors of all levels of experience. Just because you flipped 100 single family homes last year doesn’t mean you know how to value a vacant apartment building any better than a refugee from the stock market.dealmakers-tips-108-b

Brokers and Realtors® and commercial sell-side investment brokers are looking to create a portfolio or mortgage pool for themselves leveraging the reputation of their clients. You want to be able to distinguish yourself amongst the crowd of buyers and other people raising capital for their deals.

You want to be seen as being real.

If you don’t have a track record yet, ACPARE® is your solution to get inside of deals and raise capital credibly.

You can use this to become a commercial due diligence and valuation consultant.

This is also for savers wanting to invest passively into your deals and want to know exactly what they don’t know.

They want to be able to know how to confidently analyze deals themselves. They want to know where their money goes, and just as important, how it comes back. They don’t want to be fooled; as they are cynical at best, paranoid at worst.

And who can blame them?

Outside of the industry, this is for Financial Advisors and Open-Architecture RIAs who want to be able to confidently analyze and perform due diligence on any commercial real estate opportunity for your clients, who may be showing you real estate private investment opportunities at the transactional-level.

Let me be clear, ACPARE® isn’t for everyone. There’s a good amount of you that just won’t cut it. Only those who wish to truly distinguish themselves from their competition and build a lifelong career as real estate investors will be attracted to this.

Why Certification?

Accountability. Because it forces you to go through the course, create confidence, and motivate and excite you.
unnamed-1You can’t get your APA® designation by just having this sit on your shelf. If you’re going to ask someone to invest $150,000 of their life savings, you should know what you’re doing with it, and be able to execute confidently.

To me, this is really no different than a triage surgeon who is putting the life of their patient into their hands.

That’s why we put together a complete curriculum of everything you need, a one stop shop to be able to confidently execute. ACPARE® was designed to give you the ability to distinguish yourself from other people in your peer group.


Why You Shouldn’t Consider Getting Certified

So let’s talk about who this isn’t for.

This is not for people who don’t want to take the time to master a highly lucrative business, and prefer shiny objects and short cuts. You will have to pass a series of quizzes and exams before you get your credentials for that subject.

Know-it-all’s who think that they don’t need this to be successful. You can leave this page now. Since Bernie Madoff, you are guilty until proven innocent if you’re raising money. You need to have either a track record or a legitimate credential for you to get anywhere raising money.

Would you go to a plastic surgeon who wasn’t board certified? Of course not.

This training is the exact same structure and process that many Wall Street Institutions have been using for years and I’ve refined this for your benefit. It’s the same structure for success that has catapulted some of our younger professionals here at the firm to other Wall Street shops after finishing their program with us.

ACPARE®’s structure of success-based training will force you to be successful because you earned it, and now there really isn’t anything you can’t do in the business. And I mean that.

Be on the lookout for more information from The Commercial Investor Team regarding how we’ve created ACPARE® to give you the blueprint to structured success that you need today to be competitive.

But most importantly, to be credible.

And I’ll end here where I started. It’s all about following systems, and ACPARE® gives you the transactional understanding of both deal structuring and mastery of the markets to drive to success.

(NOTE: Want to be come a Certified Commercial Real Estate Stabilized Transaction Specialist? Enroll in ACPARE®’s Stabilized Transactions Mastery course now for special launch pricing! Enroll and get the step-by-step system to find, quire, control, and finance stabilized commercial assets. Learn more now.)


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Salvatore M. Buscemi
A former investment banker for Goldman Sachs in NYC, Sal is one of the nation’s leading authorities when it comes to investing in residential and commercial real estate. He’s raised over $50 Million in capital for his real estate hedge funds.


Salvatore M. Buscemi

About Salvatore M. Buscemi

A former investment banker for Goldman Sachs in NYC, Sal is one of the nation’s leading authorities when it comes to investing in residential and commercial real estate. He’s raised over $50 Million in capital for his real estate hedge funds.



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