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Last September, The Commercial Investor team made the move to invest our time and resources in launching a brand new channel to share the information that is crucial to succeeding in the commercial real estate market, yet so few know about.

We’ve had The Commercial Investor blog, yes, and we’ve had our Facebook Live broadcasts, where we unload lessons and deals and equations that the TCI nation has asked for, but this new channel would be different… it was the start of The Commercial Investor Podcast.

This new “audio diary” gave your pal Sal the ability to be brutally honest and upfront about the misgivings in this industry, the mistakes I’ve watched newcomers and old make time and time again, and what you need to be doing right now to get where you want to be.

After almost 23,000 downloads, it’s clear to us that this podcast is a winner with our audience, and we’re going to keep cranking out the good stuff week after week. Today I’m sharing the top 10 episodes, compiled from your downloads, feedback, questions, and comments.

If you’re just getting started with The Commercial Investor Podcast, listen to all these episodes and then go listen to the rest. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, listen to all these again and then re-listen to the rest—there’s more for you to gleam every time you press play.

Let’s get to it.

Episode 04: The Four Food Groups of a Healthy Marriage — and Portfolio

You have been misled, but so have most investors.

In spite of what the gurus might have told you…markets change.  But it’s not too late to save your investment portfolio. You can STILL make your plan of retiring on a tropical island somewhere off the coast of Jamaica a reality If you know how and why the markets dictate the value, sentiment, and attractiveness of each of the Four Food Groups.

What are the Four Food Groups and how can they help you save not only your portfolio, but your marriage?

We’re talking about the biggest traps investors fall into (hint: it’s a structural issue) and why a 5% fee might just prove to your spouse you love them.

Episode 14: Why Residential Real Estate Investing is Toxic

If you love reality TV and don’t happen to be so great at math, then we have a fantastic investment opportunity for you: residential real estate. You’ve seen the shows—brilliant rehabbers, designers and decorators get together and turn a killer profit on a totally disastrous property. That’s real life, right?

In short, WRONG. Like, really, really wrong.

These guys are are taking a hard stance on NOT wagering your retirement savings on low-brow, non-paying, deadbeat renters—which, if you’re investing in single family property after single family property after single family property, you might be doing.

The alternative? Multi-family and other income-producing properties with rock solid net operating income (NOI). Why manage and maintain 10 roofs when you can manage two? Would you rather cut the grass in 10 yards or one? And, above all, would you rather have one hard up renter pay you $200 a month when he can, or a bunch of tenants keeping your building in the black?

It’s pretty simple, right? And, beyond that, it’s your money and your future. Don’t roll the dice and don’t take unnecessary risk. This episode dives into the ins and outs of residential, including why single family homes are meant for velocity and commercial is meant for portfolio-building. If you can embrace and act on that, then you’re good to go.

Episode 02: How to Source Deals Using the Pyramid of Priority

Have you ever screwed up?

In real estate, there is no greater creator of opportunity than human error… if you know how to capitalize on it. You need a plan or you’ll drown under the sheer weight of opportunity.

Today on the Commercial Investor Podcast, we’re talking about sourcing deals— who they come from, where they can be found, who you should talk to, what order you should talk to them in, and who will suck the life right out of your business.

We are going deep into the blood, guts, and glory of “investment triage.”

We tell you how to make the most profitable decision— and save yourself from disaster in the process. Knowing how to meaningfully source deals is critical for anyone looking to get in (and stay in) the commercial real estate investment field.

Episode 11: How to Raise Commercial Real Estate Capital [Part 1]

Too many commercial investors believe that if they raise capital for their deals, they’ll automatically be profitable. It’s a nice idea but, in reality, it’s not the least bit true. Raising capital and providing returns on that capital aren’t the same thing.

Sorry, wishful investors.

So what does work? Rock solid fund structures—THIS is the foundation of raising capital. You can’t successfully raise capital and maximize your profits if you don’t understand the different types of fund structures.

That’s exactly what we are unpacking in part one of this multi-part mini series about capital raising. So whether you want to start your own fund or are just looking for creative ways to get your deals up and running, this episode’s for you.

Episode 18: How to Balance Your Portfolio and Start Generating Wealth

If you’re like millions of Americans, you’re finally waking up and starting to take a good, hard look at your portfolio. And that means you’re realizing a few things—and, let’s be honest, none of them are particularly positive.

Yield is lacking big time and that, in a word, sucks. We’ve been promised the moon and the stars, but now have nothing to show for it. Rates have been as close to zero as possible for 15-plus years. It wrecked the baby boomers and is now trickling down to the next generation.

And that’s exactly where my friend, and special guest, Brendan McMahon finds himself—in a family fund set up by his parents that’s now run by a wealth manager with no alignment of interests.

Generating wealth looks a lot different than it did even a few years ago. And if you’re still chipping away, hoping to make money on the stock market, on precious metals or some other traditional wealth-driving strategy, Sal and AJ have some news for you: it ain’t gonna happen.

So listen in and learn—because in today’s marketplace, your network is your net worth. And the guys have some quick start strategies for getting your network in check fast.

Episode 06: The Commercial Real Estate Deal Structure Process: Asset Arbitrage [Part 2]

Which would you prefer: a buyer who will hit your price, or one who will actually close the deal Unfortunately, they’re not always one-in-the-same.

Which is why you should get in the habit of playing a game you can’t lose: asset arbitrage. What is asset arbitrage and how can it turn opportunities that have a low face value into some of the most lucrative deals of your career? That’s what we’re discussing today on The Commercial Investor Podcast.

Episode 07: The Commercial Real Estate Deal Structure Process: Qualified Institutional Buyers [Part 3]

Are you wasting your time on talkers-and-walkers when you should be maximizing it with only the most serious people in the market? It takes just as much time to make $1,000,000 as it does $1,000— and both are just as easy to lose if you haven’t set the wheels in the right direction in advance.

So what’s the easiest and most efficient way to actually close a deal?

Knowledge is power and today we’re going to tell you exactly how to turn homework into a Howitzer. You only get one chance to make the right first impression with qualified buyers.

Episode 08: The Commercial Real Estate Deal Structure Process: Capital Formation [Part 4]

Capital has become a commodity— and, unless you just want your heirs to hate you, you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking you need a bank to get it. Private credit has opened up an almost unlimited amount of opportunity for those who know how to source it, how to pool it, and how to deploy it.

Today we’re wading into the murky sea of misinformation about funds; what they are, when they’re useful… and what is a joint venture structure anyway? The unavoidable fact is that a bad operator can turn a great deal into a bad one. And misinformation is one of the quickest ways to create a bumper crop of bad operators.

Episode 03: Where the Best Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in The Industry Are Coming From

It’s one of the most catastrophically expensive elements of commercial real estate investment, yet no investor can ever become an investor without it.

Know what it is?


Specifically, unqualified opportunity. Not only can it rob you blind, opportunity can be a major drag on your time. If you’re a smart investor, you don’t want to lose either of those things on a cut-rate “opportunity” you’d never sink a penny into.

So where do you find the solid opportunities that will actually make you money?

Today on The Commercial Investor Podcast, we’re talking about where the best deals in the industry are coming from— and it’s not where you’d expect.

Joining us will be David Gordon, one of the nation’s most successful whole loan traders. David started out on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley and Leiman Brothers and now operates his own hedge fund in Miami, FL. So he knows EXACTLY what it’s like to be bombarded with opportunities…

…and how to pick the very best ones that will generate real wealth for your business.

Episode 01: The Total Commercial Real Estate Strategy

Ever wish someone would just tell you the truth behind the biggest fortunes made in commercial real estate?

Here it is:

Whether you’re a doctor, a working parent, a professional investor, or a retiree looking to expand your nest egg, none of us know what we don’t know. But if you’re serious about making it in commercial real estate investment, it’s time you were given a real education.

The entire industry of capital raising has changed and educated investors have advantages the public hasn’t seen in more than 80 years. Want to cash in?

Salvatore Buscemi (Managing Director at Dandrew Partners and author of ‘Making the Yield’) and A.J. Palmgren (COO at Dandrew Partners) is showing you how!

The Commercial Investor podcast pulls back the curtain to the real, wealth-creating tactics of the commercial industry… whether the real estate establishment likes it or not.

That’s it—you have the 10 you need to listen to now. Head over to our podcast page to get up to date downloads of our newest episodes and to see what else you’ve been missing out on.

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Salvatore M. Buscemi
A former investment banker for Goldman Sachs in NYC, Sal is one of the nation’s leading authorities when it comes to investing in residential and commercial real estate. He’s raised over $50 Million in capital for his real estate hedge funds.


Salvatore M. Buscemi

About Salvatore M. Buscemi

A former investment banker for Goldman Sachs in NYC, Sal is one of the nation’s leading authorities when it comes to investing in residential and commercial real estate. He’s raised over $50 Million in capital for his real estate hedge funds.



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